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Procrastination Management – Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps

Tweet Yesterday we looked at WHY we procrastinate and you had an assignment. Was that difficult? Or were you able to recognize quickly the pain that you were avoiding? Inherently, we are not exactly fans of admitting that we have these fears.  So, if that is you…….. get over your fear 🙂 The next step […]


Procrastination Management – Know Why You Do It?

Tweet Have you ever stopped to think about why you procrastinate in the first place? I have been the queen of procrastination most of my life.  And if asked, I would explain that I “worked better under a deadline”, or that I was just made that way because “I like to keep busy with a […]


Time Management Course: Your Habits = Your Destiny

Tweet Tell me a person’s habits, I can predict their destiny. Think about it, what you do on a daily basis, be it your eating, exercise or business habits, is what determines your future. If you eat garbage, you will be unhealthy in the long run – (she says while eyeballing the bag of chocolate […]

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