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Time Management Course: Who Has Access to Your Time

Tweet As a self-employed business owner, do you have the freedoms you thought you would when you started? You probably got into this line of work, because you wanted the freedom of answering to no one, you wanted control of your own time and you wanted to be the one in charge. But, have you […]


Time Management Training Course: Mind Your Matters

Tweet Is your time really your most precious asset? Have you REALLY realized that you can make more friends, make more money, build a new business, find new customers…  But you cannot manufacture new time. So, how are you protecting that most valuable asset? As a self-employed, business owner we know that our responsibility is […]


But Are You Ready To Change?

Tweet I had a conversation with a friend today who is tired of where she is in life.  I asked her what she wanted and she said “peace and an end to conflict”. So, my question to her was “Have you decided you want an end or are you committed?” I got a bit of […]

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