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Time Pirates

Tweet We all have them – and their sole purpose seems to be to jump on board, steal and loot our productivity and steal our precious commodity, time. I call them Time Pirates. If I asked 100 different people to name their biggest problems with managing time, they would all come up with a variation […]


Do You Wake Up Productive?

Tweet How long after you wake up until you have produced something that will make you money? Do you have a morning routine that is solely focused on funneling you into productivity? I can be working within 15 minutes of getting out of bed.  Now, my work happens to start with bible study, so I […]


Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Goals? The 2 Steps to Writing Goals

Tweet Do you suffer from goal overwhelm? Is there such a thing as too many goals? Often when people come to me with their time management problems, I find that they are looking at too many areas all at once. Then, because they are trying to focus on so many areas, that their goals (IF […]

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