But Are You Ready To Change?

I had a conversation with a friend today who is tired of where she is in life.  I asked her what she wanted and she said “peace and an end to conflict”.

So, my question to her was “Have you decided you want an end or are you committed?”

I got a bit of a blank stare, so I continued by asking if she knew what the difference was between the two.  She thought about it and gave me a few thoughts, but then said “no, not really”.

I asked, “if we decided to go to the movies and we got there but nothing was showing that we wanted to see, what would happen to our decision?”

“We would change our mind” she replied.

“But, then if we made a commitment to take our kids to the movie, what would be different?” I asked.

“Well, we would find a movie they could see, check the time and probably go ahead and buy tickets to make sure we could get in.”

“Right.  If we make a commitment, we move things around to make sure they happen.  We have moved beyond just a decision to taking specific action to make that decision a reality.”

Now, my question changed to “So, have you decided you want things to change?”

OR, “Have you made a commitment to find a solution and then make the necessary changes?”

There is a difference!  Making any change requires moving past just the decision to taking the action necessary to effect the change.

I can decide I am hungry, but until I actually get up an take action on making something to eat, it remains just a thought.

We make tons of decisions per day, but they only become commitments when we act on them.

It is the same with starting a time management system (or ANY system for that matter!).

Are you making a decision or a commitment?

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But Are You Ready To Change?
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