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So, What Makes a Good Time Management Training Course?

Tweet The aim of a good course is to develop your knowledge,  skills and mindset necessary to be able to manage time in an effective and efficient manner. A course should help you identify your weak areas, then learn to set realistic goals and priorities.  Then teach you the skills for managing your schedule, interruptions […]


Why are Most Time Management Training Courses Obsolete?

Tweet Or, if not obsolete, why won’t they work for the self/employed or entrepreneur? There is a lot of good information out there – and I am telling you, that ANY course will work if you will work at it.  Because SOME effort toward change will produce results. The study of time management has been […]


What is the Number One Thing You Need for Good Time Management?

Tweet For the business owner or entrepreneur, we have particular problems with time management, don’t we? Have you found yourself a “jack of all trades and master of none”? You went into business because you had this great thing to bring to the public and now, instead of focusing on producing that thing and bringing […]

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