Countdown to a New Year

There are 15 days left in the year and it gets easy this time of year to say “January is a great time to start over and THEN I will get my ducks in a row!”

Well, I am telling you that those proverbial ducks are NEVER going to line up anyway, so stop thinking like that!

The new Year IS a great time to set some new goals, rethink your old ones, make some changes…. etc.

But if you are not in the habit of doing some of these things NOW, then what makes you think that come Jan 1 you are going to all of the sudden have it all together?

NOT gonna happen!

(Happy New Year)

If you are serious about making changes in the new year, then you need to take the next 15 days of this year to set yourself up for success.

So, for the next 15 days, I am going to post some steps to help you ensure that success.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are – these can help you.

YES, I talk about time management, and truth be told, I think EVERYTHING really boils down to thAT one thing anyway – but this does not all deal with managing time.  So, even if you don’t think that is not your issue, you should be able to apply this stuff!

So, here goes – Day 15:

1. What ARE your goals for the new year?

Now, don’t set yourself up for failure and create TOO MANY.

But figure out the most important things – you know which ones they are, they are probably the ones that have been in the back of your head bugging you for a majority of the last 12 months.

And you may have some for your business and some for your personal life.  Go ahead and write them down.

2.  Get specific.

You may want to have a lot of money in the bank by next December, but what does that mean to you?

3.  Pssst – This is The Most Important stepAsk Yourself Why.

Seriously, for each goal ask yourself why?

Why do you want to loose 100 pounds, why do you want to make $10,000/month, why do you want to own a new house, why do you want to open a new location.

Why, why , why?

Because the why is the spark that ignites the fire.  And without it, you just have a passing hope, not a burning need.

The truth is you WILL NOT do it if you don’t have a better reason than I need to (or I want to or I should do it).

“I need to be in better shape”
– sure, but you ‘NEEDED’ to be in better shape for the last decade, so why now?

“I need more money”
– yep, most do, but you probably could have used it for the last year, so what do you think will change Jan 1?

Get a clear idea of where you want 2011 to end and you will be on the way to really making it happen!

Ready for Part 2.

Time Management Countdown to a New Year – Part 2

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Countdown to a New Year
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