Do You Know Where It Goes?

Do you know where your time goes?

How do you know what to change if you are not sure what is happening to it now?

To get a better overview (rather than go off of what you THINK is happening), take a few days and track your time.  I recommend at least a week and tracking in 15-30 minute increments.

This may sound like a huge pain, but it will accomplish several things:

1.  You will be intentional about examining it.

You KNOW what you should be doing, so when I say to track your time, it is likely that you say “Ugh, but I know I waste time and I know what it should look like, so why bother?”

Bother because of the second reason.

2.  You will be able to see your patterns.
See where you are most productive
See where you are vulnerable to distractions
See what tempts you to waste time

Then, you can make decisions based on facts, not what should be or what you wish was happening!

Use your calendar, your daily organizer, your electronic gizmo or just a piece of paper and a pen.

Then, write down what you actually did during the day in 15-30 min increments.

Create your own or you are welcome to use mine.  You will receive them when you sign up for my 5 Step Course to DE.S.I.G.N. Your Time.  (Enter Your email in the box above to the right!)

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Do You Know Where It Goes?
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