Do You Wake Up Productive?

How long after you wake up until you have produced something that will make you money?

Do you have a morning routine that is solely focused on funneling you into productivity?

I can be working within 15 minutes of getting out of bed.  Now, my work happens to start with bible study, so I am not making money right away.  But, that is part of my job so it is productive for me.  (And, I will state, totally responsible for my sanity!)

But the principle is the same, because that productivity is closely linked to the productivity that follow – the work that does make me money.

So, what is your routine in the morning?

Does it leave you frazzled so that you need to take an hour to unwind before you can even think about being productive?

I work from my home, so of course, I am going from bed to coffee pot to chair with my bible and notebook.  After about 45 minutes my son and husband get up and then I am up to get ready as well.

Once they are out the door, because of this beginning routine that is rhythmic and predictable, I have already been productive, so I have momentum.

Then, I can focus on the list I have made the night before – my Productivity MAP.

While you may not have a similar situation – their are still several take-aways from this.

1.  Make it predictable
2.  Do something that is just for you or makes you want to get to it (my bible and my coffee call me out of bed)
3.  Plan what you are going to do ahead of time

Look at your day and ask yourself when do you start to become productive?

What can you do to make that a little earlier?

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Do You Wake Up Productive?
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