How To Avoid Being Flotsam

“Flotsam – debris from a shipwreck that floats where the current takes it”

There are 2 kinds of people:

  • Those who think life happens
  • Those who make life happen

Which category do you belong in?

Most people fall in the first.  And I don’t think they even choose it – I think they often are taught that this is all they can expect.

Those that think life just happens, are the type to just “go along with the flow”, expect the worst or at the most “hope for the best” and then make decisions that are more like concessions.

Sure there are the lazy among them – I am not talking to them (they wouldn’t read a blog about time management anyway!).

Many of us are not lazy at all, but find we have become rooted in this wrong way of thinking.

And truth be told, it is easier.

It is HARD to make decisions.  DIFFICULT to be wrong.  EMBARRASSING to fall short.  And just plain easy to do things the way everyone else does.

Would you rather be carried along with the flow or able to navigate your own way up the river?

You Be the Navigator

Set a New Course:

Most people drift because they are doing what they are told they should do or what everyone else is doing.

So, do something different.

If you need help setting a goal, make sure you won’t set one that fails!

Find a New Interest:

Just engaging your brain in a new hobby or new interest will change your perspective.

We think we don’t have time to have them, but really they are not just a way to fill time.  Doing something totally unrelated to everyday work will fuel our creativity and passion, thus re-energizing us for the day-to-day.

You also might just find an interest that becomes more than just passing, but could be a new stream of revenue.

Push Yourself to Get out of Your Comfort Zone:

We begin to drift when we are comfortable.  Because it is easier that way.

So, the best way to start going upstream is to identify what you might be afraid or what is that thing you might be avoiding.

Then do that thing.

Take the step to learn a new skill.  Push yourself to go the extra mile.  Or put your neck out EVEN IF it might lead to failure. (link)

Because those that are successful are those that pushed themselves to learn how to run faster, jump higher, write more, speak in front of people, and overall, take chances others wouldn’t take.

What are you leaving behind because you are floating instead of taking control of the wheel?


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How To Avoid Being Flotsam
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