Goal Setting: Give Your Goals Some FORCE!

What are the goals that you have set for yourself or your business that you just can’t seem to achieve?

We all have them.  Whether written or in our heads (Insert motherly voice here – “Remember, successful people always write their goals.  So, write them down whether you feel like it or not“)

But sometimes instead of inspiring us into action, they feel more like millstones around our necks.

Goals should be something we are fired up about, not miserable reminders of places we seem to fail.

So, how do we change that attitude?  How do we move from unmotivated to fully charged?  And reignite the passion that caused us to write those goals down in the first place?

We give our goals some FORCE!

F: Fix In The Positive.  Make sure your goals are stated in the positive rather than using negative language which reinforces what we are moving away from.

Your whole mindset and attitude need to propel you forward.  So, state each goal in positive language.

For example:  “I will not waste so much time on email”.  Change that into “I will spend 30 minutes at the end of my day filing/answering my email.”

O: Own Your Goal.  How much do you REALLY want it?

Ask yourself whether this goal will help you reach your longer term goals.

Then ask yourself this question about this particular goal.  How will I feel on a scale of 1-10 when I reach this goal (10 being fantabulous and 1 being nonplussed).  If you are at a 8-10, you own the goal and have the motivation to do it.  Anywhere less than that and it is not grabbing you, so reevaluate or set it aside completely!

R: Route and Resources.  Plan the little steps that will get you there.

What is the next step?  The next?  The next?  If you can see the baby steps, you are so much more likely to DO them.

Ask yourself what steps you can do right now?
If you are going for the goal of spending only 30 min at the end of the day on email, then right now, you need to put that time blocked off in your schedule.  Then, you might need to send an email to your contacts to tell them of your new schedule – informing them that they can expect to hear from you at that time.  Then TURN IT OFF until that time.

Then ask what resources you will need.  Identify all the training, mentoring, new skills you might need and plan to line those up.

C: Conceive and Conceptualize.  See your goals as if they already are.

What will it look like, feel like, sound like when you reach this goal?  Create the end result in your mind with all of the senses you can.  The more you can feel it, the more your mind works on a subconscious level to achieve it.

Not only does this fix it in a positive state in your mind, but it allows you to see the possible roadblocks.  When you see these, you can plan around them.

E: Evaluate Attainability.  Ask yourself “Is this goal really possible?”

When we make goals that are unattainable, we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Thus, the next time we go to set a goal – our subconscious mind says “No, way, you are not good at that!”

Can you REALLY take care of ALL of your e-mail in 30 minutes a day?

Maybe your goal IS attainable, but you need to employ other techniques/people to reach them (see R above!).

But, you might find that it is not possible.  What then?  Do you just scrap the goal, writing it off as hopeless?

Nope, reevaluate the point of the goal and make a new positive goal that IS attainable.

Give your Goals some FORCE – and their power will give you momentum to achieve!

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Goal Setting: Give Your Goals Some FORCE!
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