How Failing at Your Time Management Might Be the Way to Go!

You should fail at managing your time.  And the more, the better!

“What?!?”  You are shouting at me, “whatever do you mean?!”

I want you to expect to fail at it and then do it quickly.

Because one of the most common reasons people have for NOT changing is their fear of failing (oh, they may label it fear of change, but really it is a fear of failing at the change!).

You are going to fail!

And failure does not mean that you were on the wrong course or made a wrong decision.  It just means you have not developed the new habit yet.

So, if you will accept that, then expect it as a normal course of action, it will not seem so bad when it happens.

But, in order for it to happen, you must actually DO SOMETHING.

Things never change just for wanting them to change, or having the right mindset or for thinking the right thoughts or even having a good time management course or coach.  Things only change when we act differently.

And because it is different, and we are trying to set a new habit up in place of the old one, we will fail (at first and only for a little while).

So, make the plan, realize you are going to fail (at first and only for a little while), then act.

WHEN you fail at it, then examine your plan and make sure there are not things you did not anticipate (you might NEED to make adjustments), and get back to the plan.  Act on the plan and the things you learned from your “failure”.

Ah, then you will see that “failure” takes on a whole new meaning – and you really weren’t “failing” at all, you were just course correcting.

Failing only happens when you stop all together – give up and just stick with the non-productive habits you already had.

THAT is failure!

So Who Will Actually MAKE the Cookies?

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How Failing at Your Time Management Might Be the Way to Go!
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