Improve Your Time Management: Boost Your Brainpower

It’s no secret that it is hard to manage anything well when you are tired, sluggish and weary.

So, even though it takes time to do it, this tip will help improve your time management on several levels.

Thursday Time Management Tip:  Lace Up Your Walking Shoes – Get out and walk.

You don’t have to be trying to get in shape or loose weight to get benefit from walking (though those reasons are great!).

I’m not even talking about these obvious health benefits to walking!  I’m referring to these other benefits:

  • Change Your Focus – when we are focused on one problem or issue for a long time our ability to think creatively about it is weakened.  Getting out and experiencing a change of scenery – not to mention just the physical aspect of loosening muscles and working out the kinks – will restore your creative energy
  • Build Grey Matter – research through brain scans has shown that people who walk 6-9 miles per week have more gray matter (NO, not on top of the head – IN it).  This seems to indicate a greater capacity for memory and increased cognitive function.

So, walking not only gets your body in shape, but your mind as well.

And that can’t help but improve your ability to manage time!

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Improve Your Time Management: Boost Your Brainpower
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