Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Goals? The 2 Steps to Writing Goals

Do you suffer from goal overwhelm?

Is there such a thing as too many goals?

Often when people come to me with their time management problems, I find that they are looking at too many areas all at once.

Then, because they are trying to focus on so many areas, that their goals (IF they have written them down) are also many and widely focused.

So, how do we know if this is our problem?

We know we should write down our goals and that we should HAVE goals – for every aspect of our business.

But, if you are not reaching your goals (every week, every month, every quarter….), then the problem may be that you have too many.

And along with that, they are probably unfocused (or too broadly focused).

These 2 steps will help you write effective goals that will keep you on track rather than derail your entire train:

1.  Determine goals for the 3 main focus points for your business.

Your business revolves around 3 things (and I don’t care what business you are in).

1. Getting new clients
2. Selling to that client
3. Giving the client new opportunities to buy from you

So, you should have long-term goals, mid-term goals and short-term goals for those 3 items.

Develop long-term goals first, then work backwards to set your mid- then short-term goals.

2. Then make those goals attainable.

This means that for each goal you must make them:

  • Specific – know what you are going to do
  • Measurable- know how you know if you did it
  • Within a Time Frame – give yourself a drop-dead date


For example for business objective number 1:
My long-term goal might be to have 30 new clients in the next year.  So, my mid-term goals would be to have 15 in the next 6 months and 8 in the next 3 months.

Then, my short-term goals would be:
A. Send out 100 letters to potential clients in the first month.
B. Call the letter recipients – 25 each week.
C. Set up at least 5 Follow-up Visits

Notice, this is just referring to the first main business objective – Getting New Clients.

I have a Specific Goal –  I want 30 new clients in the next year.

It is measurable – I can know if I have reached my goal by counting the number of new clients.

I have a time frame -8 new clients in the next 3 months that will get me to the 30 within a year.

Then, I have set up the same thing with short-term goals.  This tells me exactly what I should be doing to reach the mid-and long-term goals.

I would then repeat the process for the other two main business objectives.

Now, at this point, you may argue with me that you have so many other things to do.

And, I want you to picture me pulling down my glasses and peering at you over my bi-focals (ever so teacherly – even though I don’t even wear glasses) and saying in my kindest, but most forceful teacher voice

“Yes, but if you don’t do these three, the rest of it won’t even matter.”

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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Goals? The 2 Steps to Writing Goals
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