Is Your Time Management Training Course Going to Work?

Why is it you are looking to change?

You have a desire to be trained and you want to have better time management, but what outcome are you REALLY wanting?

When I ask that question, I usually get general answers:

  • I want to have better control of my time…
  • I want to have more time for the things I enjoy….
  • I want to work on several things in my business, but I don’t seem to be able to find the time…….
  • I have too much to do and not enough time……
  • I find myself procrastinating and doing things at the last minute…..

And to each of these I answer, “So, what does that look like for you?”

Most often, I get silence or a blank stare for a minute.  Then, they proceed to say the same thing, but with different wording.

  • I would manage my time better…
  • I would have time at the end of the day for my kids (little closer!)
  • I would be on top of things and be more organized…
  • I would get things done on time (also close)

So, what is the problem you ask?  There are 2 Problems:

1. These are too general – how do you know when you have arrived at these destinations?

We throw the words “manage my time, be in control, improve my productivity” around, but what DO THEY MEAN?
Better yet, what do they mean for YOU?

Because you may be very serious about changing and really want some answers, but how are you going to know the steps to take, when you really aren’t sure what the goal really is?
And a mind confused will always say “No, thanks!”        

2. These are not personal – and what we don’t have a personal stake in, we don’t put much effort into.

Think about that, when was the last time you jumped up and volunteered for a  PTO fundraiser for the school across town?  Why not, it’s a worthy cause?  And you should say, but my kids don’t go there!  Right, it’s not personal.

Saying “I want to manage my time better” is like saying “I should loose 10 pounds”.  Worthy goal?  Sure?  But are you more likely to put effort into loosing those pounds when you have your high-school reunion coming up or just on the information that it would be a worthy goal?

If you really want ANY Time Management Training Course to be effective, take the time to put your goals into these terms – specific and personal.

This is actually the first step in my DE.S.I.G.N. Your Time Training System – see if you think it will help!

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Is Your Time Management Training Course Going to Work?
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