How to Make New Habits Stick

Thursday Time Management Tip of the Week

Do You Know How to Make Your New Habits Stick?

It is hard to dump old habits,  and can be even harder to develop new ones!

Whether your goal is to start a new blog, create a new product, contact a certain number of clients or train your employees in a new system – it can become second nature.

You just need a little help to stay on track!

Old habits were not formed in a week.  New ones will not be either.

So, Do Something More!


  • Use Visual Clues: Put out a reminder – in the form of an object that triggers your memory or a good old-fashioned post-it note on your computer (Are those old-fashioned yet?  Oh well, they are getting there!)

I put a note where I will see it everyday.  And I do this until I have developed the new habit.


  • Track Your Progress: Develop a system to track yourself.  Create one of your own such as a calendar notice or alarm on your phone.  Set this up so that it comes to you daily and reminds you of your task that day.

A FREE online service that works similarly by sending daily emails to help motivate you to reach your goal is called Habitforge.  It works on the premise that it takes 21 days to reach a goal and tracks your progress during those 21 days.


  • Inspire Yourself: Read of others’ success stories at doing the thing you desire to do.  Find people to connect with – use social media for this purpose and find people that have reached your goal.

This reminds yourself that it really is possible!

Reaching your goals is possible.  But we all need a little help.

Use these things to make your new habits stick.

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How to Make New Habits Stick
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