Make Time For Fun – Put Productivity in the Crock Pot

Have you ever been trying to come up with the answer to a nagging problem and no matter how much you work on it, you just can’t seem to get that idea out?

One of the best time management tips for a business is to take time off.  Yes, take time off!

Schedule some time that is downtime.  And during that time do something that exercises your brain in a way that it isn’t used to – learn a new skill, read a totally unusual book (not a business book) or magazine, do a puzzle, learn a new game.

You don’t have to go anywhere to take this time.  I am not necessarily telling you to take a vacation (though those are good too!).  But this can even be 1 hour in the middle of your week.

Your brain does not work well engaged in one thing for long periods of time.  Productivity plummets, creativity craters, ability abates,   talent topples – oh, wait I got carried away with the thesaurus!  But you get the idea.

Besides, the best ideas often come when we gather all of the information, work on it a while, then put it all in the back of our mind and let it stew for a while.  This is the Crock Pot Productivity Tip.

Then, when you are on the beach in Aruba reading a magazine about basket-making, you will all of the sudden yell “Eureka – I’ve got the best marketing idea ever!”.  Nope, it didn’t have anything to do with Aruba, the beach, suntan lotion or baskets – but your crock pot was going.

And you don’t have to leave the country, state or even your home.

Take a break – work on something that is totally unrelated and let your mind work out the details.

Gotta go – now I’m hungry!

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Make Time For Fun – Put Productivity in the Crock Pot
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