Organize Your Space to Save Time

Like I said Monday, we know we need to be more organized.

But the problem is that we are often trying to use someone else’s idea of what organized looks like!  This is trying to fit that square peg into a round hole.

You can spend all week organizing into cute boxes, pretty baskets and lovely file folders (or if you are a man, nice boxes made out of manly type material – think leather or other masculine effect) and still be no more ahead than you started, because you have no idea where things are if the system was someone else’s system.

The secret is to organize in the way WE need to function!

Remember I told you my husband can operate in complete chaos – just shove aside a space for him to work and he’s good.  I cannot function that way.  I had to threaten to move him into the goat shed (so he can stay unorganized all he wants) if I did not get an office that is clear enough for me to work. (Not a strategy I would recommend, but he just needed to know how serious I was – remember he could not see how important it was!)

I have to have a clear spot with no visible distractions in order to be productive.  This means I have to move ALL things off my desk while I am working on one project (except the items necessary to the project).  But, I need to be able to see things (hence no pretty boxes for me) so I will have them at the front of mind.

So, I have to have a place to move things.  And because I need to SEE THEM,  I store things in clear plastic boxes or plastic bags (these in a cute basket) until it is done.

You must know what YOU need – this is the key to organization.

It was an aha moment for me to realize what would work for me – and I set out to organize my office this way.  My husband can have the goat shed.

So, take a moment and ask this question “What is the IDEAL SITUATION for me to work in?”

Describe it in detail.  I would have……………. and ……….. and there would be……….. all around me.

Now, you may not be able to have all of it, but what is the thing that would be top of the list?

Maybe you are really creative and need a big giant bulletin board to hold inspiration pieces.

Maybe you need to have access to all of your books from where you sit so that you don’t have to keep getting up and down.

Maybe, like my husband, you need to have your work at your fingertips, but each project needs to be separate so you need to have many mini-file baskets that are open on the top and you can see at a quick glance.

Make that happen and then work on the next thing.

Organize Your Space to Save Time - Pt 2

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Organize Your Space to Save Time
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