Procrastination Management – Know Why You Do It?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you procrastinate in the first place?

I have been the queen of procrastination most of my life.  And if asked, I would explain that I “worked better under a deadline”, or that I was just made that way because “I like to keep busy with a lot of things”.

Most of us think that we were just born that way and that we might be able to manage our time better in a few ways, but really when it comes down to it, procrastinating is just our way of working best.

But, I have a secret for you………  we were not born that way.

We created the habit because of something we all have in common.

The key to procrastination management is first to know why you procrastinate.

EVERYBODY procrastinates SOMETHING.  Even if you are not a habitual procrastinator with your workload, I’ll bet if I got to asking a few questions, we would find there is something like doctor and dentist appointments that you put off until you “have to”.

So, what is it that makes us do that?

Then, how can we fix it?

I figured out the secret when I began coaching people and 90% of them were able to eliminate their most common procrastination habit within a few months of working with me.

This is great news, because when we can get rid of one procrastination habit, we can get rid of the rest!

I want you to think about this – what drives all of your decision making?

You want to say “logic” or “I do it because I have to”.  No, think deeper.

We do things for only 2 reasons:
1.  To move toward pleasure
2.  To move away from pain

That REALLY is it.

If you will think about any decision you have made, you can put it in one of these two categories.

Even when you are REALLY organized and get EVERYTHING done on time, it is because that gives you pleasure (either because you are driven by it or because you like to please other people) or it would cause you pain to NOT do it that way (for the same reasons).

Those of us NOT so organized then are driven by the pleasure it gives us to slide into “homebase” at the very last minute or we really just do it to get it done (thus avoiding some pain such as getting fired, or looking bad in front of our peers).

If all decisions are made based on these two factors, then procrastination management is based on recognizing your reaction to the decisions – then consciously changing the way you perceive it.

Your Procrastination Management Assignment:
1.  Write down the 3 things you most commonly procrastinate.
2.  For each, write down the pain that you are moving away from.

Need more on ending procrastination?  Get 3 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination For Good here!

Procrastination Management – Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps

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Procrastination Management – Know Why You Do It?
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