Procrastination Management – Simple Tip to Stop Procrastination

Would you be able to stop procrastination if you thought there was a simple solution?

I have found that for most of what we procrastinate, there is!

Ask yourself this question – would I put off (name the most common thing you procrastinate) if I had only that thing to do and was shut in an office that was otherwise empty but for these items (then name 3 things you need to do those things).

For example, would I put off writing my sales letter if I had only that to do and was shut in an office and had only a desk, pen and paper?

For most of us, the answer is probably no.  We would get right to it and knock it out.

If that is the case, then I am going to suggest that the most common reason you procrastinate is DISTRACTION.

IF you would still sit there and doodle, daydream and dawdle, then the cause of your procrastination is still probably simple – but in this case, it is most likely because you feel INADEQUATE.

There are simple solutions for either of these causes.

If the cause is distraction, then let’s do this exercise:

1. Go to the place where you most commonly work (even if you have to go there in your imagination for a moment).

2. Take a look around and jot down the things that are most distracting to you.  (could be stacks of mail, the computer screen with your email that pings, your telephone for fear it might ring, the television, people walking by the window…. write down all the things that grab your attention instead of what you SHOULD be doing)

3. Rank these in order from most distracting to least

For each distraction there probably is a very simple and commonsense solution for changing it.  Either by removing the distraction or removing you.  So,

4.  Go through your distractions and brainstorm alternatives.  Take each one and define what the ideal would look like without that distraction.

I find it helps to come up with even outlandish and crazy solutions that seem impossible.  This gets your brain engaged to find alternatives that really might work!

People walking out the window distracting?  Hang a curtain.

Your telephone, fax and email cause you to jump each time they ring or ping?  Move them out of your office (or move yourself to a non-tech spot).

Do you see the busy work that needs to be done, so you don’t get down to business?  Buy pretty boxes/baskets to hide that stuff then hire your teenager to take care of it after school.

Sometimes procrastination can be eliminated by creating a good environment.

BUT, if you would find yourself STILL putting it off because of the 2nd reason…… we’ll take that one later!

It's the 'Next' Step That Controls Your Time

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Procrastination Management – Simple Tip to Stop Procrastination
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