Procrastination Management – Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps

Yesterday we looked at WHY we procrastinate and you had an assignment.

Was that difficult?

Or were you able to recognize quickly the pain that you were avoiding?

Inherently, we are not exactly fans of admitting that we have these fears.  So, if that is you…….. get over your fear 🙂

The next step is to take that pain and turn it into a pleasure that you will want to move toward.

You wrote down the reasons you were not doing those things.  So, now for each pain, you will want to write down a pleasure instead.

For example, if you routinely put off making calls to customers because you are avoiding the pain of having to ask for more business, then change the purpose of the phone call to finding out how you can be of service to them this week.

This takes the pressure off making a sale and is actually a pleasant surprise to them – thus making your calling fun, and changes the decision making process from moving away from pain – to moving toward the pleasure of helping.

If you put off writing your blog posts, or marketing pieces because you cannot do it quickly or you feel like you are not very good at it, then you might want to find a course that helps you improve or hire that part out to someone who is good at it.

Becoming good at it takes work, but you will be moving toward a pleasure of becoming better and faster.  OR you realize this is NOT something you even WANT to become good at and you move toward the pleasure of having somebody who is do the work for you!

Your Procrastination Management Assignment:

1.  Identify the pain you are moving away from.

2.  Find a pleasure or reward to move toward that replaces the pain you were moving away from.

3. Take Action to put that reward in place.

Procrastination Management – Simple Tip to Stop Procrastination

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Procrastination Management – Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps
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