So Who Will Actually MAKE the Cookies?

My son came in the other day and pulled out the chocolate chips and said, “Mom, I want some cookies.  Can we make some?”

Oh, be still my heart!  Notice the “WE” and envision the sweet feeling I got deep down in my soul when my baby said he wanted to do make cookies with his momma!

“Of course we can” I said and I turned around to get my special mixing bowl (the one I hope to give to him and his wife so they can create memories with my grandkids).

I turned back around to see him putting on his jacket.

“Are you cold?” I ask.  “No, I’m going outside to play while the cookies are being made!”

“Oh, good”  I said, “me too!”

For that I got a sincerely perplexed look and “well, who’s going to make the cookies?”

“I don’t know, I thought you had a plan.  You seemed so sure they would be here when you got back!”  I smiled at my #1 Son.

Made me think of us!

Are you plunking down the money for a book, training or program and then putting on your jacket and running outside?  Then finding yourself surprised that nothing seems to change?

Could it be that you want the outcome, but you are hoping to skip the process?

Easy isn’t it to set goals, envision the results and even taste our future success.  That is the fun part!

But, who wants to do the work of getting there?

We are even trained in all aspects of our consumer society that if we want it, there is an instant solution out there – from mashed potatoes and “homemade” chocolate chip cookies to overnight business success (if you build it, they will come).

Like I told my son – and repeat often to myself, “if it is worthwhile, it is worth YOUR time”.

Sure, there are times when instant works and I am all for leveraging what you can.

But, don’t try to tell me that you can’t tell the difference in slice-and-bake cookies and the real thing.

So, if it is worth doing and you want good results, then it is worth spending YOUR time doing.

Don’t skip the process and expect the same results!

Time Pirates

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So Who Will Actually MAKE the Cookies?
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