Start Now to Save Time Later

This is not as much a time saving tip as it is a stress reducing tip.

We are six weeks out from the Christmas/New Years holiday season and if you are like most American families, you haven’t even paid off the bills yet.

And it is a major cause of stress.   This causes you to waste time thinking about/fretting over the bills (See There – it is about time management!)

Let’s end that or at the very least put a big ol’ dent in it this year.

Instead of waiting until it sneaks up on us, let’s plan for it right now.

We have 10 months to stockpile.

Figure out what you are going to spend on Christmas (don’t forget to add in the extras; parties, photos, cards, postage, food) and divide that by 10.

Then, plan to save that amount of money each month.

If you cannot do that much (still paying for last year) then cut it down to a number you can reasonably to and start with that amount – then when you have paid last year, add that amount to your monthly savings.

OR, even better, plan to cut back (but I digress).

Set up a Christmas Savings Account (remember those Christmas Club accounts – same principle) at your bank and have an automatic draft put on your account for that amount.

Or, for a fun twist, try out SmartyPig.  This is an online savings account website that gives great incentive to save for small goals.

SmartyPig pays great interest rate, but they also allow you to cash your savings in for retail gift cards where the retailers pay you up to a %14  bonus for choosing them.

So, say you have saved $2000 and you choose a gift card retailer that pays %14, you would get a gift card for $2280 – use the cards themselves for gifts or shop for your gifts at that retailer.

Now, that is one smart pig!

Save yourself some time and stress with a little planning now.



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Start Now to Save Time Later
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