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Time Management Countdown to the New Year – Part 6

Tweet We have a new spirit for the year 2011. A spirit of underwhelm. No more feeling overwhelmed!  No more speeches of “I need to loose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with my family, go to church more, read more and make more money.  And I want to see improvement in all of these […]


Countdown to the New Year – Part 5

Tweet We want to succeed at the resolutions,goals,objectives,desires or whatever you want to call them.  And we need a plan. Now, most time management trainers would tell you to develop a long-term plan,  but let’s keep with the theme here shall we? NO overwhelm!  So instead of setting up a plan for the next 365 […]


Time Management Countdown to New Year – Part 4

Tweet So, you are clear about where you want to go and you have decided exactly what to focus on…….. What, you haven’t?!?!?  Go back and read: Part 1:  Getting Clear on What those Goals Are Part 2: Stop Overwhelm in its Tracks Part 3: YOU Be the Miracle Now, for part 4.  This is […]

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