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Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Time

Tweet Have you ever noticed that when you finally get started working that it takes you 10-15 minutes to line out what you need to do to accomplish that work? I remember when I was in corporate world, I spent at least the first hour of my day getting ready to get ready to work […]


Time Management Planner: The Drip System

Tweet When I said that keeping it in one place is the key, did you throw your hands up and say “THAT IS the problem, not the key!”? I have found that the most frustrating part of trying to keep a system is the fact that we know it needs to be in one place, […]


Organize Your Space to Save Time – Pt 2

Tweet We want to be organized in the way that works for us, but here are some general tips to help you get there. 1. Remove everything from your desk. Determine exactly what you need on your desk to do your most productive tasks and only put those things back.  Put everything else away in […]

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