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How Failing at Your Time Management Might Be the Way to Go!

Tweet You should fail at managing your time.  And the more, the better! “What?!?”  You are shouting at me, “whatever do you mean?!” I want you to expect to fail at it and then do it quickly. Because one of the most common reasons people have for NOT changing is their fear of failing (oh, […]


Procrastination Management – Simple Tip to Stop Procrastination

Tweet Would you be able to stop procrastination if you thought there was a simple solution? I have found that for most of what we procrastinate, there is! Ask yourself this question – would I put off (name the most common thing you procrastinate) if I had only that thing to do and was shut […]


Procrastination Management – Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps

Tweet Yesterday we looked at WHY we procrastinate and you had an assignment. Was that difficult? Or were you able to recognize quickly the pain that you were avoiding? Inherently, we are not exactly fans of admitting that we have these fears.  So, if that is you…….. get over your fear 🙂 The next step […]

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