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Time Pirates

Tweet We all have them – and their sole purpose seems to be to jump on board, steal and loot our productivity and steal our precious commodity, time. I call them Time Pirates. If I asked 100 different people to name their biggest problems with managing time, they would all come up with a variation […]


How Failing at Your Time Management Might Be the Way to Go!

Tweet You should fail at managing your time.  And the more, the better! “What?!?”  You are shouting at me, “whatever do you mean?!” I want you to expect to fail at it and then do it quickly. Because one of the most common reasons people have for NOT changing is their fear of failing (oh, […]


What is The One Secret to Time Management You Must Know?

Tweet How many times have you said to yourself “If I could just get my time under control – I would get more done”? Or “If I could just figure out how to manage my time better!” Could it be possible, we are just looking at this from the wrong angle? Have you ever dealt […]

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