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Time Management Planner: The Drip System

Tweet When I said that keeping it in one place is the key, did you throw your hands up and say “THAT IS the problem, not the key!”? I have found that the most frustrating part of trying to keep a system is the fact that we know it needs to be in one place, […]


Time Management Tip of the Week: Time Management Planner

Tweet What type of time management planner are you currently using? Or, do you have several?  One in your office, one in your phone, one on your computer, one on the refrigerator at work? Or maybe you don’t have a particular planner, but you keep lists all over the place and depend on these to […]


Time Management Tip: Put Your List at Eye Level

Tweet It was raining here today – a luxury when you live in arid country!  We may get rain, but it comes in short spurts and ‘gullywashers’.  Today, we had one of those wonderful gray, drizzly, stay-at-home, cozy-up-on-the-couch and read days. Heavenly! Except I didn’t cozy up and I didn’t read.   I worked on catching […]

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