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Thursday Time Management Tip – Use Cheap Labor

Tweet One of the most difficult things about running your own business – whether you work from home or at a brick and mortar – is getting the little stuff done. We KNOW we need to save money.  We NEED it done quickly.  We WANT it done our way.  So WE just do it. Bad […]


The Time Management Secret That Most Business Owners Never Learn

Tweet Are you going to be one of the 2% of business owners who are still open within the next 5 years? Let me give you this scenario and ask you what you would do: You are working at your desk on a marketing piece when an employee comes in with a question about where […]


So, What Makes a Good Time Management Training Course?

Tweet The aim of a good course is to develop your knowledge,  skills and mindset necessary to be able to manage time in an effective and efficient manner. A course should help you identify your weak areas, then learn to set realistic goals and priorities.  Then teach you the skills for managing your schedule, interruptions […]

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