Take Time For The Good Stuff

Seriously, what is the point of this life if we are rushing around like that poor, proverbial, headless chicken?

I mean if we are going to be so busy that we can’t take time to get to our child’s holiday program, bake cookies for an elderly neighbor, rock a newborn family member’s baby, take dinner to a family that is mourning…..etc – then WHAT IS THE POINT?

I have had or overheard (BTW, I was not eavesdropping, this was one of those “talk as loud as you can on your cell phone because no one else exists moments”) several conversations this past week that have just made me wonder this very question.

Several friends have talked of getting their family Christmas activities “checked off the list” and I heard one store owner calling a delivery company (ANOTHER very loud conversation) telling them to “bring the flowers to her store because she is never home”.

How sad……..

Do you take time for the good stuff in life?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not on my high horse telling you that I have it all together and have well-orchestrated family-, husband-, neighbor-, church- and me-time on the calendar each week!

But I would like to think that I DO take the time to savor the time that I do give them.  That I call it home because I actually am there several hours a day (and would love a delivery of flowers to enjoy while I AM there).  That I can slow down long enough to giggle with my son over the funny things that happened in his Christmas program.  That I could find a moment to help a family in need.

At least I would like to think so…..

So, that is what I am examining these last few weeks of the year.  And I am going to ask myself what I am rushing through and where I need to slow down more.

We only get one of these things – let’s make it count!

What good is time management if you aren’t taking time for the good stuff?

What is Your Time Management Style?

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Take Time For The Good Stuff
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