The New You in 2011 – Time Management Genius

Here’s the deal with making changes to your life.  It’s hard.

Some people thrive on change, but most don’t.  Most people would rather complain about it than take the action to change it.

So, it helps to remember that.

And to remember this.  That you are going to be frustrated.  You are going to wonder if you will ever see any difference.  You are going to think “15 minutes – how can that ever be any help?”.  You are going to have days where you can’t even FIND 15 minutes.  And you are going to feel like quitting – and think it was never meant to be anyway.

Because you are programmed that way.  You have spent the last _____(insert your age) years learning to behave that way.

So, what makes you think that all of the sudden with a plan that it is going to be any easier?

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Say this to yourself.  Repeat it over again.  Write it on post-its.  Review it.

Then tell your spouse and anyone else that you can think of “I am going to want to quit – don’t let me”.

And if you do, start over again.

If it is something you want, something that is worth it to you, then you really will keep at it.

But, on the flip-side, if you get a few weeks into it and determine that “nope, this is really not what I thought I wanted”, then again don’t be so hard on yourself.  Drop that thing then look back at your list and decide the next thing to work on.

You are not the result of your “failures”!  UNLESS you allow them to become the norm for you.

So, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Fail, fail often and fail fast.  Pick yourself up each time, learn from it and keep going.

Because eventually what you will do is set up a new pattern for yourself.

You will become a person who takes action quickly, who doesn’t see failure as a setback, who doesn’t take herself so seriously, and a person who can tackle anything!

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The New You in 2011 – Time Management Genius
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