The Power of ONE

My little boy got to crying the other day – (talk about pulling a momma’s heart strings)

He had been sick for two days.  He was tired and frustrated and was facing all of that homework that he had to get done. He just didn’t know where to start and said “I’m no good at this, I just want to quit.  How will I ever get it all done?”  (Can you relate?)

I think he had been listening to his momma – those words go around in my head frequently!

So, I did what every good momma does and said “hand me the pencil, I’ll just do it for you”

– HA!  No way!  That’s not what a good momma does!

I said “What is the paper right in front of you?  Can you do it?”

“It’s my spelling and Yes, I think so.”

So, I scooped up the other papers and handed HIM the pencil and said, “just do one thing at a time.”

Made me think about you.

Do you get that way with trying to juggle all of the balls you are responsible for?

Oh to go back and ONLY have to do math, reading, social studies and science homework!

But, we are not there, we are here.

And we have TONS of stuff to do, but doing the same thing I told him is still a good approach – focus on one thing at a time.

So, if you are struggling with implementing your time management system, take this advice:  Pick ONE thing and commit to that.

Do that one thing and learn it well.  Implement it with gusto and commit to changing the way you manage yourself in that ONE area.

And, scoop the rest of it up and hide it for now.

He couldn’t work on all of it at once and looking at the pile and seeing all that he had in front of him made it all the more frustrating!

You can’t do it all either – and looking at all of the stuff you want to change/need to do differently/must implement, is going to make you feel like you are failing.

Do ONE THING – and do it well.  Then, move on to one more.

You Don't Have TIME to be Sick!

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The Power of ONE
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