Thursday Time Management Tip: Get One of These

To Manage Time Well – You Need a Hobby

“What?!?!?  A hobby?

“I don’t have time to get all the stuff I need done completed, how am I going to find time for a hobby?”

Well, I hear you, but I am convinced that if you say the above, then you are NOT implementing my advice carefully enough :)!

And, even if you are implementing it and getting stuff done, you may still feel like you don’t have time to take up knitting, basket-weaving or raising organic chickens.

But wait, I didn’t say your hobby needed to be anything really time consuming or labor intensive.

We just need something that is enjoyable and puts us in another frame of mind for short periods of time.

Having a hobby will do several things for you:

  • Your energy is increased when you take time to relax
  • When your focus is off of current problems, your subconscious takes over and often solves them in the meantime
  • You need other perspectives.  When you take the time to learn new skills, you increase brainpower
  • Reading outside of your current market will give you ideas you have never thought of that can be implemented in your business

So, take time to decide what you would enjoy.  You may even want to make it something way out there – that you haven’t thought of in a long time or that you never thought you would have the time for.  Then, start by picking up a book or magazine.  See if you can find a class.

You don’t have to jump whole hog into it – just research a little and see if it sounds interesting and begin sticking a toe in.

But, have something that you enjoy that is NOT your business or your family (though they may want to join you!).

It doesn’t sound like it will save time – but I assure you, it will in the long run.

Time Management Mindset

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Thursday Time Management Tip: Get One of These
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