Time Management Countdown to a New Year – Part 2

So we are on a countdown to 2011 – and with that usually comes the setting of resolutions or goals for the new year.

But, if you are planning to wait until January 1 to set those goals and get started, you are setting yourself up for failure.  And, since we don’t want that – we are going to get started NOW.

Use these next few weeks wisely and you will hit the ground running on Jan 1!

You should have written down where you are going – if you haven’t done that, go back to Part 1 first.

The next step is designed to keep you from the number 1 reason for failure – OVERWHELM.

I want you to underwhelm yourself!

Seriously, think about it.  If your goal is to loose 100 pounds in 2011, that means that you need to loose about 8-10 a month.  Sure, that is doable, but are YOU going to be able to do it?

You may want to be making an extra $10,000 a month, so that means that you need to find something that will bring in $50 an hour (assuming you work or are open 50 hours a week).  Again, doable, but are YOU going to be able to do it?

Not that I want you to change your goals, but I want you to look at them and be realistic with yourself.

You CAN do these things, BUT wouldn’t it be better to shoot for smaller goals and then when you reach those, use that momentum to aim for even higher ones.  And just think what it will do for you to not only reach the smaller goal, but exceed it and hit this higher one?

The second step then is to make sure you don’t have so many you don’t know where to start!

You may have many things you want to accomplish, but if you set goals of reorganizing your office, paying off all your debt, loosing 100 pounds, finally starting your own information product and learning a new language all by the end of 2011…….. well, do I REALLY have to tell you what is going to happen?

See, the reason we have the stamina of a peanut and drop our resolutions by the third week of January is because we overwhelm ourselves and within a few days we realize it is impossible.

Don’t overwhelm, UNDERWHELM!

So, write all those things down.  Get them on paper and clear your head of them.

But then choose 1 – just 1 – to work on right now.  And put the rest away in a desk drawer (you can pull it out later to choose the next one!)

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Time Management Countdown to a New Year – Part 2
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