Time Management Countdown to New Year – Part 4

So, you are clear about where you want to go and you have decided exactly what to focus on……..

What, you haven’t?!?!?  Go back and read:

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Now, for part 4.  This is a short one – but this one will really hit home the other four.

Ask yourself how badly you really want that goal you have set as number 1?

I mean, what are you going to sacrifice to get it?  Is it worth sacrificing sleep, time with your family, eating out once a week?  Is it worth possible ridicule, pain, failure, irritation, frustration and fatigue?

How badly do you really want that thing?

The truth is, you can have it, but you have to want it bad enough to be willing to sacrifice.

We all talk about wanting more money, more freedom, to loose weight, stop procrastinating… whatever.  And, the truth is we know how to get there:

  • Get an Extra Job
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Eat less, Exercise More
  • Just Do IT!

So, if we are not doing that thing, then what gives?

It is because each one requires sacrifice.  Each one requires us to give up some level of comfort, some time we would give to other things/people we enjoy, or some food – and we don’t wanna give those up!

But, an amazing thing happens when we are clear about where we want to go, we have stopped the blame game and realized that we are 100% responsible for the decisions we make, and then we decide to sacrifice to reach that goal.

All of the sudden, failure is not an option!

And nothing will get in our way – not sleep, money, time, appearance, disability, education, lack of skills – nothing!

I have read about a multi-millionaire who came from nothing.  He said he used to have to decide between groceries and his business goals and each time he chose his business.  He decided to learn to eat off of $15 a week, because he was hungrier for his dream than for food.

See, that is sacrifice.

So, how committed are you?  Have you merely made the decision to see if you can, maybe, possibly, who knows, see what happens if you meet that goal?

Or have you made a commitment to doing whatever it takes?

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Time Management Countdown to New Year – Part 4
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