Time Management Countdown to the New Year – Part 6

We have a new spirit for the year 2011.

A spirit of underwhelm.

No more feeling overwhelmed!  No more speeches of “I need to loose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with my family, go to church more, read more and make more money.  And I want to see improvement in all of these areas by February or I am a failure.”

I am not talking about setting our goals low and becoming ‘under-achievers’.  No, No, No!

We are talking about setting a new pattern up.  And becoming a new person – one that sets a goal and actually reaches it.

So, you have actually chosen your first hurdle (if not, go back and read Part 5) and you have found a slot of time to work on it.

But, just like hurdle jumping is probably not natural to you, this is not either.  In order to be able to jump over the hurdle, incremental training is necessary.

What are you going to work on for those 10-15 minutes?

Here is where we need a long-term plan.  But even this does not have to be a complicated, drawn out battle plan.  It can be as simple as recognizing where you want to go and then backing out from there the steps necessary to reach that goal.

Example:  I want to be able to read a book a week.

Before I can do that, I need to be:

  • reading a book every 2 weeks
  • reading a book every month
  • practicing individual reading skills
  • learning new reading skills (from speed reading course)
  • taking a course on speed reading
  • researching a course on speed reading

See, I have gone backwards from where I want to be to where I need to start.  So, when I hit those 10-15 minutes that I am going to work on this goal, I will start by researching.

Of course, set yourself a deadline to accomplish this.  You don’t want to be researching for a month trying to find the “perfect” course.  Decide to pick the best from what you have found in 2 sessions and go with it.  ANY course is better than continued procrastination.

Research only qualifies as action when it leads to a decision.  Take action, but make sure it is action that will move you forward.

The New You in 2011 – Time Management Genius

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Time Management Countdown to the New Year – Part 6
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