Time Management Course: Who Has Access to Your Time

As a self-employed business owner, do you have the freedoms you thought you would when you started?

You probably got into this line of work, because you wanted the freedom of answering to no one, you wanted control of your own time and you wanted to be the one in charge.

But, have you noticed that really you are not?

Number one time management tip:  You do not have to be accessible at all times.

We live in a completely over-communicating world.  This is not necessarily a bad thing – it has its perks.  When you NEED to know the GNP of a third world country at 3 a.m., a search engine comes to your rescue.

But, when you own your own business, leaving all lines of communication open at all times is a recipe for disaster.

You do not have to be accessible at all times.

As business owners, one of our number one goals needs to be protecting our time as the most valuable asset we have.  When we are vigilent about protecting our time, we can be sure we will have some to work on the things that make us money.

If we are available at all times, we can be sure we WILL NOT HAVE TIME to work on the things that make us money.  Because SOMETHING will come up that needs your attention.

We know how to run a business, but often we do not know how to make that business not run our lives.

Think about this though – it is all just training!

You probably have already trained yourself to answer the phone when it rings (unless you have an assistant), to answer texts or emails when they come it and, if you have employees, to look up and answer them when they come in with a question.

That means that the reverse is ALSO true.

Your customers, employees, assistants, family and friends have been trained to know that you will answer when they need you.

So, like Pavlov’s dog, you do what THEY want you to do when THEY need you to do it.

Instead of being on your own timetable, you really are on theirs.  And, probably, several of them.

If it is all just training, then, you can retrain!

Retrain yourself and retrain them.

Constant open communication causes overload and burn-out.  So refuse to participate in it.

When you control access to you, you will begin to have more control of your time.

Time Management Course: Your Habits = Your Destiny

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Time Management Course: Who Has Access to Your Time
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