Time Management Self Review

You already know you need help with time, but do you know the exact areas you want to improve?

If your goals are vague, then your path will be foggy and easy to loose.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions and see if this might help you to clarify your problems and solidify your goals.

1.  Describe the way you handled time as a young adult (high school on through college and/or your first job)

2.  Describe the way you handle your time now?

3.  What has changed, if anything?

4.  Why do you think it has changed?

5.  Who would you say influences your schedule (name all who influence it)?

6.  What is your most productive time of day to work?

7.  What/Who is most likely to interrupt your work?

8.  How tight/loose is your schedule on a day to day basis?

9.  How do you end your day feeling about the amount of work you have gotten done?  Your Month?  Your Year?

10.  What is the one thing that you want to do or get done if you “had all the time in the world”?

11.  How well can you judge the amount of time it takes to do a task (start to finish)?

12.  If you could use one word or short phrase to describe your relationship with time, what would it be?

13.  When you start to work on a task, how likely are you to finish that day?

14.  What would you say the number one obstacle to being able to manage your time is – describe why it is an obstacle?

15.  What would change if you felt like you had complete control over your time?

Now list your problem areas under one of these headings:

Outside Factors (things beyond your control):

Psychological Influences (how you see/think about time that affects):

Practical Know-How (the way you approach time):

Last Step:

Come up with a goal for each of these areas that you want to change.

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Time Management Self Review
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