Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Productivity

How do you make sure that you will get the most from your MAP?

1. Schedule a time block for work in your most productive time of day.  We each have a different rhythmic cycle to our productivity.

So, determine when your most productive time of day is and then make sure that you block this time of day for the tasks that make you the most money.

Then, be protective over this time.  Do whatever it takes to make sure that you are shut up for that time and working ONLY on those tasks.  Do not allow interruptions or distractions.  (That question from your employee can wait or they will figure it out for themselves).

We may not always have this luxury, but imagine if you made this appointment with yourself twice a week for 2 hours each?  4 Hours a week, 16-20 hours a month, 200 hours a year – working on the things that make you the most money.

Could you bring in new clients, create new products and help your clients purchase more widgets with that kind of time?

2. Complete the most difficult tasks first.   These are the tasks that you dread and don’t want to do.  They often are procrastinated until the very last moment and then you have to do them anyway!

So, do them first.  Create momentum in your day by having those things done early. Then, everything else is a piece of cake!

3. Take breaks.  Schedule these into your work time.

Your efficiency drops the longer you work on a task, so you will increase your effectiveness when you give your brain a 5-10 minute break where you focus on something completely unrelated to what you are working on.

So schedule your time for 50 minute increments and 10 minute break.

During your break, stand up and stretch or do some exercises.  Set your timer and read a magazine or newspaper.  Or take a few minutes to daydream and focus on or visualize your goals.

The Power of ONE

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Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Productivity
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