Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Time

Have you ever noticed that when you finally get started working that it takes you 10-15 minutes to line out what you need to do to accomplish that work?

I remember when I was in corporate world, I spent at least the first hour of my day getting ready to get ready to work – and they paid me to do that.

But, I get paid differently now, and that doesn’t fly around here!

I have to work in snippets of time anyway, so they have to be incredibly productive snippets.

So how do I make SURE they will be?

I MAP the time out.

M: Money Making First

If I only have a few minutes of uninterrupted worktime then I am going to do something that will potentially bring in money.

This is at the top of my list EVERY day, so it will be the first thing done.  Then at least one money-making thing is done everyday.

What are those money-making tasks you might ask?

Anything that brings in more customers, retains a current customer, finds and restores a lost customer, or allows a current customer to purchase more widgets.

A: Attack Similar Tasks

When I plan work time, I try to gather all of one type of work together.  This means my brain doesn’t have to switch gears too much, thus increasing my productivity.

Try planning a 2 hour writing session and gathering all of the materials you need to write a sales letter, blog posts, articles, customer appreciation cards…etc.

P: Plan Next Work Before You are Done

We’ve all done it – gotten up from our work and then when we return, we have to take valuable time trying to remember where we were and what the next step to work on will be.

So, before you put your pen down, pull out a sheet of paper or pull up a blank notepad on your computer and take a few minutes to plan out your next block of work.

Write down exactly what needs to be done next and include a money-making task in your list.

Then, when you sit down to work, you won’t have to wonder, you will already have it in a MAP.

Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Productivity

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Time Management Tip of the Week: MAP Your Time
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