Time Management Tip of the Week: Time Management Planner

What type of time management planner are you currently using?

Or, do you have several?  One in your office, one in your phone, one on your computer, one on the refrigerator at work?

Or maybe you don’t have a particular planner, but you keep lists all over the place and depend on these to keep you on track.

Most of us have probably tried all of them at one time or the other, and with each one, we said this is the one we will use and get excited about laying it all out, organizing and inputting all of the information.  Then, we find that after a month or two, it is neglected just like all the other things we have tried.

This is another case of knowing yourself and either creating a system or using one you have, but tweaking it to fit what you will do.

But the tip is this:  Keep everything on one schedule.

We need some sort of schedule because we must know what we are going to be doing and when.

So the key is to find or create a system that YOU will actually USE and then use it.

We want one that will allow us to keep your home, business, family, church and social activities all in one place.  You do not want to make an appointment at the office only to  get home and look at your family calendar and realize that your daughter’s play was that afternoon.

Now, what kind of system is up to you, because you are the one who will use it.

Do you need it with you at all times, so it must be portable?

Do you like paper and pen, so you want something you can write on?

Or does a techno-gadget excite you which means you will actually use it?

Do you need something that is big and on the wall, where you and those you work/live with can see it everyday?

Really think about where it needs to be and what kind is best for you and those who depend on you.

Now, I SAID it needs to be on one schedule, BUT, in the next post I am going to talk about the fact that that is not entirely true.  And tell you why you probably have been frustrated by trying that VERY thing!

Time Management Planner: The Drip System

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Time Management Tip of the Week: Time Management Planner
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