Time Management Tip of the Week

If the typical business person experiences 150 interactions per day, how many of those do you suppose are just interruptions from technology?

This tip is one of the most difficult in our over-connected world, but it really is one of the most essential for managing yourself and your time wisely.  And their are other areas that need to be considered as well.

Eliminate Distractions:

1.  While you are working, turn off everything that you do not need.

Put your phone on silent.  Turn off the pager (ok, be reasonable if you are an ER Doctor, don’t do this, but for the most part if you cannot be away from these two items, you have trained everyone that you are within reach all the time – change that, DON’T BE SO ACCESSIBLE – they actually will respect you for it).

If you work on the computer, only run the programs that you need.  Turn off e-mail, social media, instant messaging and resist the urge to go anywhere on the internet that is not part of the plan.

2.  Remove other distractions from your primary workspace.

Look around and see what catches your eye or ear – the things that are likely to irritate you or keep your attention.  Then find ways to hide, remove, move or otherwise eliminate them.

Hide clutter behind a screen,  buy a white noise machine to hide your son’s mechanic noises, get heavy curtains to block your neighbor suntanning, move books, filing or other papers that you might be tempted to pick up and read.

3.  Don’t take interruptions.

Your time is valuable and when someone goes to interrupt it, they are really saying “my time is more important than yours”.

If you get 3 interruptions during your 3 hours of productive time and you even spend just 5 minutes on each, when you account for the time it took to come off your task and the time it will take to find your spot again, that is at least 12 minutes of productivity lost for each.  Total time lost = 36minutes of YOUR productivity time.  Time you would have spent doing something that makes you $$.

Eliminate distractions – Take control of the time that is ALREADY there, and make it powerful!

Take a Time Management Tip From a Firefighter

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Time Management Tip of the Week
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