Time Management Tip: Put Your List at Eye Level

It was raining here today – a luxury when you live in arid country!  We may get rain, but it comes in short spurts and ‘gullywashers’.  Today, we had one of those wonderful gray, drizzly, stay-at-home, cozy-up-on-the-couch and read days.


Except I didn’t cozy up and I didn’t read.   I worked on catching up some paperwork and then implemented a new time management tip that I read about!  Oh well, I can read later!

I read or heard this tip a loooong time ago so I don’t even know who to credit or thank – so sorry.  But, it is generic enough that perhaps no copyright has been infringed.

I like to keep track of what I am working on right in front of me, so when I redesigned my office, I wanted space for a large bulletin board just so I could use this tip (stored away in the old noggin).  That way I would be able to SEE what I am working on, but it would be somewhat organized.

This time managment tip requires some sort of bulletin board or magnetic board.  But I suppose you could be more creative than me and come up with ways to adapt it!

I am always following a checklist or flowchart in each of my projects so I often have several pieces of paper on my workspace.  I am also a list maker, so I will have lists on my desk as well.  Thus, I am always looking for the right piece and forever remaking lists when I add to or complete items.  This tip puts the lists in a different place – and right in front of me.

So, today I had my No.1 son cut up blank index cards then I took each of the projects I am working on and put each step of the project on one of the cards – along with details I needed to remember.  (I used different colored ink for each project.)

My Bulletin Board Time Management Tool

My Newest Time Management Tool

Each card was then tacked to one side of the bulletin board  – on the To Do side.

Then, when I am ready to work on a project, I can look at the steps necessary in a glance, take one card down at a time (or several that are similar tasks) and work on that task.  This creates a bonus to the system – keeping me focused on just that task!

Then when I am done, they go back up on the other side of the bulletin board – on the Done side.

You might be asking why do you even put them back up?  Well, a couple of reasons for that.  One is psychological.  Seeing the cards go over to the ‘Done’ side is satisfying!  Another is that I do some of the same tasks (remember my checklists and flowcharts?), so these might be reused for the next project.

Don’t know how it will work, but I am excited to try it and will update you soon.

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Time Management Tip: Put Your List at Eye Level
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