Time Management Training Course: Mind Your Matters

Is your time really your most precious asset?

Have you REALLY realized that you can make more friends, make more money, build a new business, find new customers…  But you cannot manufacture new time.

So, how are you protecting that most valuable asset?

As a self-employed, business owner we know that our responsibility is to determine how we are going to run our business.

We know it is important to spend time planning our marketing/advertising, our sales process, our customer support process.

We have taken time to determine how we are going to interact business.

But, the fatal error most self-employed make is we don’t take the time to decide how our business will interact with us.

We have long been fed the mentality of “the customer is always right”, so that think that we must do everything we can to acquire that customer and then bend completely over backwards if not tie ourselves in a knot just to keep that customer.

This mindset rarely protects our time, but creates more work for us.  And, if we really looked at it, this is work that really is not bringing in more money.

What if, instead of knocking yourself out to get customers, you instead spent time to put a system in place that brought interested customers TO YOU?

Would THAT be worth spending some time on?

What if, instead of bending over backward and spending time to retain customers (that IF you really looked at your records, probably don’t bring in much money anyway), you instead spent time putting a referral system in place that rewarded the customers (that have already come to you) for sending you MORE customers.

Would THAT be worth spending some time on?

We still want to get customers and make them happy.  But we can better do that with the right mindset.

A mindset that determines how our customers will do business with us before they even come in the door.

This not only protects your time, but your sanity as well.

Time Management Course: Your Habits = Your Destiny

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Time Management Training Course: Mind Your Matters
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