Trying to Accomplish Too Much

“Who begins too much accomplishes little.”  (German proverb)

Oh, who can say “amen” to that?

Do you feel as if you are constantly working, running around like that proverbial chicken and have little to show for it?

I know that feeling.  With all the things that are pulling at us, piling up and running us ragged, it is no wonder that we feel like multi-tasking is not just a good option, but it is the only way we manage to keep our heads above water.

But, there is truth to the proverb – guess that is why those little pithy things stuck around.

This week, after beginning my year of teaching Isaiah to 275 women, organizing the marketing for our PTO Fall Festival, volunteering at our local fair for my alma mater’s fund raising booth, studying with No. 1 son for no less than 5 tests (didn’t know having a child meant I agreed to go back to school), teaching Sunday School………etc (won’t bore you with ALL of it), I saw this proverb and knew it was for me!

But then I began to look at the words carefully – who BEGINS too much accomplishes little.

I think the emphasis should be on that word, because it is not talking about DOING too much – but beginning too much.

Are you, like me one of those that starts stuff and then jumps to the next object that catches your eye?  I think this is the point of the proverb.

And this, is the point of my desire to gain control of my time.  Not just because I am doing too much (I probably am), but because I want to stop BEGINNING too much and actually ACCOMPLISH much of what I do begin.

What about you?  Why do you want to manage your time better?

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Trying to Accomplish Too Much
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