What is The One Secret to Time Management You Must Know?

How many times have you said to yourself “If I could just get my time under control – I would get more done”?

Or “If I could just figure out how to manage my time better!”

Could it be possible, we are just looking at this from the wrong angle?

Have you ever dealt with a really stubborn person.  Someone that refused to budge, held their own opinions, stood fast on their own ground?  Someone that you knew that if they would just cooperate with you, then the problem would be fixed – the right way?

But, because they WILL NOT move, you eventually had to accept the fact that since you cannot change them and make them cooperate with you, you had to learn to compromise and cooperate with them.

It is the same with time.

Time cannot be manipulated.  It is not a thing or object that can be changed or coerced into doing ANYTHING.

It stubbornly marches on at the same rate, refusing to slow down or speed up for anyone, and holds fast to the exact same state each day.

Ugh for us!  Because that means WE have to do the changing!

No, wait a minute – HOORAY for us!  Because this means that instead of banging our head against the wall, once we change our mindset we CAN change!

So, let’s stop pining away for what we cannot have and rearrange our thinking to fix what we can.

It is a matter of perspective.  Realize what CAN be changed and then work to do it.

We manage our time by managing ourselves.  So let’s learn to manage what we do and when we do it.  Then constantly look to increase our efficiency thereby decreasing the amount of time something takes.

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What is The One Secret to Time Management You Must Know?
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