What is Your Time Management Style?

Think for a moment – Are you often running late?

Do you even find that when you get up earlier, you still run late – and maybe even later than normal?

If this sounds like you, I would be willing to bet that if you thought about it, you would find that you have a running list of “things you need to accomplish before you walk out the door” swirling around in your head (unload dishwasher, start a load of laundry, pack lunches, swap purses, sign papers, make grocery list…etc).

And, if you were to keep tally, you probably are great at getting them all done… you just can’t seem to get them done AND get out the door on time.

YOU may be  “Task – Oriented”.

Or are you on time to everything? Even to the point of being 10 minutes early – but you still find that you cannot complete things?

You get out the door on time, but you are so busy watching the clock to make sure that you are on time, you forgot to pick up the grocery list, you will have to wash ballerina tights by hand when you get home  and forget clean dishes – you didn’t run the dishwasher… BUT, you were on time to your appointment.

YOU may be “Time-Oriented”.

I am task-oriented.

My mom, on the other hand, was time-oriented.  Yeah, “Big UH-OH!”

So, it was fabulous and very relieving when I realized that there were these 2 different ways of handling time.  And that BOTH WAYS ARE FINE!

If you have had many arguments in your life about being on-time and whether you are ‘someone who just does not appreciate other people’ or ‘value their time’, then you can appreciate what I am saying.

If you are task-oriented, you tend to work on things until they are ‘done’.  You can’t stand to leave something unfinished and often don’t pay any attention to the clock.  The upside to this personality is that we are often tenacious – once we get started, we don’t quit until we are done.

But, the downside can be – we WON’T start something if it seems to huge to begin and we cannot see how we can possibly finish it – so we just don’t ever start it!

Another downside is that we are also often guilty of severely underestimating the amount of time needed to accomplish a task, hence the propensity to have a ‘running list’ of items to do before we can get out the door.

If you are time-oriented, you are driven by the amount of time you have.  You watch the clock and work on something until the time is up.  You are driven to be on time to places and events and you don’t mind working for a few minutes on a project – when the time is up, you are good to go!

The upside is that you are very reliable – when you say you will be there, you are!  You also can work in snipets of time – so you can fill your calendar with small activities.

The downside may be that you are not able to finish projects.  If they DO require long periods of time, you may not have it because you schedule your time pretty closely and you probably are busy!   And I have found that time-oriented people tend not to be able to relax, because they really are driven by a routine, schedule or clock.

Knowing what time management type you are, time oriented or task oriented, is extremely important to designing a time management system for YOU.

Because if you are following advice more suited to the opposite time management style – you will never be successful!

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What is Your Time Management Style?
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