You Don’t Have TIME to be Sick!

Time for our Thursday Time Management Tip!

This is not a health related site, BUT you can’t manage your time well if you are on your sick bed.

Too Doggone Busy to be Sick

Then you have to play catch up when you are done!

But I am not going to send you out for the latest zinc lozenge or herb related cure.  I am going to suggest something much better than that (though don’t discount them as part of your defense!)

I’m sending you out for a massage.

Yes, really, I am giving you permission to spend the time getting a relaxing rub-down.

Now, you might ask, how can taking time to have such a luxury be good for time management?

Well, it seems that a massage is good for our health – and may even play a role in keeping your immune system primed.  And when you are healthy, you have time to do the work you need to do!

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have found that a 45-minute massage increases the amount of white blood cells in participants blood stream.  This increase includes lymphocytes which are the bodies first line of defense against infection.

According to the study author Mark Rapaport, MD, “Massage stimulates the movement of these cells from the lymphatic system to the blood, where they improve immune function.”

THIS is good news!  Massages are not only good for relaxation, but they may actually keep you healthy!

Start Now to Save Time Later

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You Don’t Have TIME to be Sick!
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