Your Time Management Style Makes the Difference

Are you Time-Oriented or Task-Oriented?  Take a minute to find out – here.

Each time management style has its own pros and cons.

And knowing what your style is will make creating your own time managment plan or system much easier.

If your time management plan is not working – it really is because it is not YOUR plan.

You must have a plan that is designed for the way you work, around your personality, and with your perspective in mind.  Otherwise it will always feel like you are wearing jeans that are too tight – NOT comfortable.

So, let’s take the 2 styles we talked about and give some tips and techniques for each of them.

Time-Oriented ——————–The Pros

If you are time-oriented, you are driven by the amount of time you have.

You are usually on time and even early to most places or events. Time-oriented people are very reliable, so you are usually conscious of deadlines, making you  a very good employee.

You probably have a closely run schedule or follow a similar routine each day (or at least each week).  If people know where they can find you at any given time of the day – you are most-assuredly time-oriented!

These same characteristics though, if not recognized and managed. can become the downsides to being driven by time.

______________________ The Cons

Because a time-oriented person is driven by time, you may not want to take on large, time-consuming tasks because you cannot see how they will fit them into your schedule.

This may be seen as ‘inflexibility’ by others and leads to frustration for you if it is a task you must do.

Rearranging a schedule can also be stressful for rigorously time-oriented people.  Often they cannot see how to fit anything else in because they have a packed schedule already – and they tend to hold tightly to that schedule.  Lots of advance notice is needed to change it.

I have also found that time-oriented people tend not to be able to relax, because they really are driven by a routine, schedule or clock.

So, take these things into consideration when designing a time management system and maybe these ideas will help.

  • Break new tasks into smaller tasks and give yourself a deadline

  • Make sure when you create your schedule you are putting the most important, money-making tasks at the front

  • Schedule time off – and make it time where you do not have to pay attention to the clock

  • Create a folder/file of work in progress.  Take it with you and work on it during breaks in your schedule.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses enable you to create a plan that works for YOU.

Please comment below and tell me of more tips you have found to make yourself more productive.

(Especially if you ARE time-oriented – because I am most definitely NOT!)

Time Management for the Task-Oriented

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Your Time Management Style Makes the Difference
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